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Building surveys - peace of mind for your investment

Before committing to purchasing your property, make sure you speak to the experts at Kohls Chartered Surveyors Ltd. We work across East Kent.

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Major investments require full investigations to ensure decisions are made with all the correct facts

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Avoid costly challenges

We offer independent building surveys. You are our client and we are employed to serve your best interests. All too often people purchase a property, influenced by lovely decorative finishes and assuming that all correct permissions for any works are in place. Lack of a proper inspection can lead to costly challenges becoming apparent later on. It's always best to go into the purchase with your eyes wide open.

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Client case study

Our client commissioned a survey of a small cottage with a two-storey extension to the rear. We noted a lack of any ground floor walls to support the first floor and thus some hidden structural works. A check with building control found that no building regulations were in place and that the property had been subject to unauthorised and potentially dangerous works. Had the purchase proceeded as was, our client could have been liable to thousands of pounds in rectification costs.

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Kohls Chartered Surveyors work with property buyers across East Kent - take a look at our recent feedback

"Karl was very helpful, friendly and responsive from the moment we contacted him. We were looking to buy a Grade 2 listed property and suspected there might be a few issues with it but Karl uncovered so many more problems with the property that we had not noticed or were aware of.  He provided us with an extremely thorough survey report with detailed descriptions of each issue along with photographic and historic evidence that he had found online to back up all of his findings. He called us straight after completing the survey to alert us to the significant issues he had uncovered and we also had a follow-up call with him once he had sent us his full report so that we could get a better understanding of the issues he had found. If we had continued with the purchase of the property it would have turned into a very expensive nightmare for us, so can't thank Karl enough for his thorough survey report. I would definitely use him again and would not hesitate to recommend him."

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"We have used Karl for two Level 3 Home Surveys in Folkestone. On both occasions Karl's detailed reports and advice has helped us make informed decisions on our purchase. The first report uncovered a lot of issues which on further investigation would have cost a lot of money to fix, therefore we didn't proceed with the purchase. Karl explained the issues very clearly and put in touch with experts who could assess the problems further. Without his sound advice we could have ended up with a very expensive money pit! The second report was equally as thorough and also uncovered issues which we otherwise might have missed. Thankfully these have been resolved so our purchase can go ahead. On both occasions Karl made himself available to explain his findings and discuss our options. In a stressful situation he really helped navigate us to the best outcome. I can't recommend him more highly."


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